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Hello Out There! This is My Introduction Post!

HELLO DREAMWIDTH WORLD! I am a newcomer and wanted to start with an introductory post.

I am 43 years old and a university administrator. I have been in the business for 21 years, so I tend to talk here-and-there about higher education politics, observations, moments of joy and empowerment, disappointments, the whole continuum of life in the ivory tower.

I am married to Allyson (nickname Ally) and we have been together for the last decade+ of our lives. Together, we have two little miracles: a son, Piers Dominic, born 9/9/10 and a daughter, Meridian Iris, born 11/29/16. My wife is a midwife. She owns a business in our town of residence - in the Mojave Desert. Being the wife of a midwife is not for the faint of heart! She is on call most of the time in the same way as a doctor. So, I also talk about this aspect of our lives from time to time.

I earned my doctoral degree in Diversity Studies in 2007. For most of my studies, we were living in Florida. Moving from the beach to the Mojave Desert was a tremendous change, but I have fallen in love with the desert. Most recently, I have taken my love for this place to the challenge of desert trails running. It's challenging and fascinating...and I often snap quick photos of my beloved landscape along the way.

Over the last 10 years of living in Las Vegas, I have come to adore desert gardening. I write a lot about growing veggies and the flowers in our backyard. It is the hobby that is closest to my heart because it is ultra difficult and WAY EXCITING to actually get plants to grow and thrive in caliche soil!

I am a semi-serious runner and I have jogged my way through three half-marathons in the last couple of years. Given that I am a new mom again, I am not sure how serious my running goals will be this year. But I am certain of one thing --- I WILL keep running! I love it!

I enjoy reading and I have a goal of making it through 15 books during 2017. Reading for pleasure has always been a joy, but it has not a priority or possibility with two little kids in the mix. I am trying to return to the solitude and joy of reading for solo time and moments of peace + tranquility.

We are an active family and spend lots of our time together outdoors. We hike and we travel A LOT! Last year, we spent three weeks in Europe. The year before, we explored Nicaragua, and the year before, we vacationed in Curacao. We do not spend our money on many things; we spend our money on travel adventures!

I have a major goal of retiring by 59.5 years old. It is not likely to happen, but it is a lofty and inspiring goal! Please do not misunderstand --- it is not that work is not good and empowering and all the stuff that comes along with the positive aspects of a career. From all perspectives, I have enjoyed a magnificent career. But, I have been in administration for 21 years and I am very ready for my next phase in life. Many people express to me when I go down this road of discussion that work DOES feed life for them. Yeah, yeah, I understand. But, I am talking about the next phase of life in which all hours are mine to do with as I want and please. I dream of doing things like creating a small gardening nursery or traveling without deadline of a beginning or end date....and, and, and...I dream of life with a retirement check coming in and my time being MY OWN. Seven years...tick, tock...

I grew up in Cajun Country Louisiana. I visit every three months because my mom still lives there. My dad passed away in October 2015 and it was the darkest period of my life. I am/was very close to my parents and treated our son to visiting them as often as possible. It paid off. We call him our part-time Mojave Desert / Cajun boy. Perhaps the greatest theme across my writing is the significance of family. I live and breathe that value to my core. On a related note, I am hoping my newborn daughter will be able to develop as close of a bond to the sound and our families as our son has --- even though my dad is no longer with us on this Earth.

My home is my sanctuary. I believe this comes across in my writings as well. This is not to suggest that I/we do not have moments of dischord or ordinary ups and downs, but we work actively to preserve our life n a peaceful, loving, and authentic way. Our family "rule" is to treat each other better than we treat anyone else in the world...and all of the rest of the niceness in the world will follow...

I am an early riser, so I generally update the morning...

Let's connect here! I am eager to get started on Dreamwidth!

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